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The Lost Children (2022) - NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE LINE

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Rendition of the pleiades constellation star cluster, which in Blackfoot culture is the story of the six lost boys. Today their remains lost children and with the discovering of children's bodies in Residential School grounds, we think this piece speaks to current times more than ever.

We want to bring children home lost to addictions, the child welfare system, suicide, or other reasons. We want people to consider the innocence of these lost souls by using handprints instead of just circles to represent the constellation (as is popular in Blackfoot culture). An overlay of traditional paintings is also applied. This piece asks us to consider why indigenous children make up so much of the population of child welfare systems to this it a money making ploy by the Federal government?

This is part of our newest NO PRIDE IN GENOCIDE line only available until December 31st, 2022.

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