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Pressure Point Essential Oil Rollers

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Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil mix*

* If you have had reactions to certain Essential Oils in the past, this product may not be for you. We attempt to use high quality, non-phototoxic blends and high quality carrier oils, but we cannot anticipate allergic reactions. For full Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil mix list, please contact us to ensure no allergic reaction. 

Use on pressure points for an uplifting experience. Also great as a spot oil or cuticle oil. 

Choose from 1 of 6 scents below:

Anti-stress Roller: includes botanicals of sweetgrass with top notes of Bergamot and Sweetgrass. Sweetgrass is a medicine used by many First Nations people; it attracts positivity and removes negativity when used in Smudging practices. 

Energizing Roller: includes botanicals of saskatoon berries with top notes of Frankincense and Cinnamon. Saskatoon berries were eaten in enormous quantities by the Blackfoot people and is one of our most special medicines/berries. It is used both ceremonially and in day-to-day use. 

Focus Roller: includes botanicals of wild mint with top notes of Peppermint. Mint is a very strong smelling plant that grows in Blackfoot Territory. Anytime you smell it in nature, it definitely brings your attention to the present moment. It grows near rivers and bogs. 

Gratitude Roller: includes botanicals of sage with top notes of Clary Sage, Bergamot and Geranium. Like Sweetgrass, Sage is used in smudging and in ceremony. It rids a space of negative energy, and brings in positivity - reminding us to be grateful for life. 

Grounding Roller: includes botanicals of cedar with top notes of Cedarwood and Vetiver. In the West Coast culture, brushing oneself off with Cedar is common. Cedar when burned also brings mental clarity, and helps us to ground oneself. 

Immunity Roller: includes botanicals of sage, sweetgrass, and cedar with top notes of Oregano and Cinnamon. Combining the most powerful medicines from the West Coast and Blackfoot Territory, our Immunity roller pays homage to these medicines ability to heal and protect.