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COVID-19 Adult and Youth Mask by Natoyihkii

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Custom printed double knit face coverings keep you safe and comfortable for all day use!

Featuring artwork from Natoyihkii that borrows from a Blackfoot Winter Count that was created during the Smallpox Epidemic. This mask features the Smallpox symbol under a COVID-19 symbol; it reminds us that we Indigenous peoples have been here before, but we will survive. 

• Made from our super stretchy double knit poly
• Available in 2 youth and 3 adult sizes to suit a variety of face shapes
• Double layer of tightly knitted fabric that appears as a single layer
• Precision cut edges to replace ties and elastics
• Vibrant prints are completely permanent

* Be cautious if you are prone to skin allergies as these coverings are 100% polyester

*Produced by Art of Where Canada